Lion of Light

Music God


It seems abundantly clear to me that God Loves Music - I mean who doesn't? Ahhh yes and does he love all music equally? That I don't know - I mean who does?

Throw Back Video to As the Stars Fall Record Release Show



While visiting a cousin I came across some lost footage from the record release show for As the Stars Fall - This is footage from Lion of Light's first official performance - Playing the song America Wake Up 

You May become the hottest kid on your block


You may become the hottest kid on your block -you may win the hearts of millions – you may even take over the world – but just remember breathing in and out is enough – smile and be at peace

On Pleasure


Pleasure and Pain stand hand in hand-cuffed hand.

Seek pleasure only to the degree that you are willing to experience pain.

Seeking Pleasure Guarantees Pain (in this life or the next).

Also in vice versa - Putting pain first (ie hard work, studying hard, or feeling the burn at the gym) will also bring pleasure (ie more money, better grades, or looking hot) - this is called a sense of accomplishment - it's a better way to go, it's more noble and less ensnaring but if the pleasure is the thing being sought it is also definitively ensnaring and will eventually lead to more pain.

Know that absent the seeking of worldly pleasure... is the REAL YOU - and the experience of that is the experience of a permanent state of peace and bliss.

Good luck in not seeking pleasure... for though the rewards are beyond imagining - the practice of it is (to put it mildly) a bit challenging. And with that we return to our regularly scheduled reality. Pleasure is waiting for you - and so is pain - hand in hand-cuffed hand.


With Love


Happy 2014 to Everyone


May we all be as one family in 2014. As you read these words may you be blessed and may your family too be blessed. I'm sending Love to Everyone for 2014! Let's make it beautiful.

The Gift of Music

Much Love to all of you this Holiday Season!! Just because you are all so beautiful, amazing, and wonderous - as of Midnight December 20th all the music from both of my EP releases has been set as free to download here on the - Happy Holidays to all of you!! While this is a gift for the Holidays - I've decided all my music is free to download here until further notice... I only ask that if you love the music that you should spread the word, so others can find it and enjoy it as well. :) With Much Love, -JA Or if you are feeling particularly generous:and you wish to make a donation for current or future songs, videos, tours and such you are always welcome to and I offer many thanks in advance - just send any donation amount to via paypal. I will certainly write you back with a thank you. :)

A Love Affair

There's a love affair going on in my life - with my eternal mistress of divine mischief - music itself

Faith in Love

Have complete faith in Love. And fear nothing. Hold no negativity towards anything or anyone. Give Love to everything around you and the universe will fill your heart with even more Love to give away, Give that away and the amount the universe gives you will increase even more. And keep going, this will go on and on until your heart is full of Love all the time. You will breathe in Love with every breath and you will be giving it to everything around you without even thinking, without even trying. And you will live in a state of Bliss. And you will walk as an angel on the earth - your very presence will make everything around you better. This is the way.

A Note on MLK Day

On this national holiday, this MLK day, it strikes me that the thing that made Martin Luther King truly effective and Great, both as a person and in the movement that he led, is that he Loved those who hated him. Even as they violently opposed him, he never gave up Love for them. To Love your enemies is a proof, sufficient unto itself of Greatness. -JA

Unreasonable Love

There is no reason necessary for love. The one who loves for a reason is adorable, so long as that reason feeds the love, yet the one who Loves with no reason commands an invincible force guaranteed to change everything around them for the better. Cultivate this un-reason-able love for everyone in your heart and watch the magic of it go work. It is the most powerful force in the universe!!! Unreasonable, Tremendous, Crazy Love, -JA :)

If you ever catch yourself

If you ever catch yourself not liking yourself or your life it means somewhere along the way you stopped listening to your heart. LISTEN - and be the champion of your own heart. -JA

An Invitation

Just a reminder that you have the right, duty, and obligation to every so often kick down the doors of your own heart and say, "By God, who's in charge here?" If it isn't Love... make it so. And that directive being the order of the day, just taking a minute to send some love out to you... just for being you.

New Record in the Works

Some probably already knew, but those who aren't seeing a lot of show dates and are wondering what I'm up to. Well I'm in the studio, well multiple studios actually, creating the next record which we're tentatively looking at releasing both on it's own and as a "double ep" along with the former ep - Kin of Nietzsche. Still bouncing around ideas for titles, but the songs are starting to take shape in the studio and getting tasty. More updates to come. Be Ever in Bliss, JA

India Tour for 2009 and Dubai in 2010

Tour Announcement Time: Let's Do it Short and Sweet Recently got word that this November I'll be playing shows in India (Bombay, Pune, Goa, and maybe some more spots) and what looks like Spring of 2010 I'll be doing some shows in Dubai. Hard Rock Cafes and Amphitheatres are on the itinerary. Should be fun. Further details coming. All my friends there in India, I'm looking forward to seeing yous again. Much Love

to know

sing to me bleed for me and if you should die, die with me or if not come from me come back and be love and beseige the four chambers of my true house invest in that property and cultivate the field of it it is already yours it is more than four multiply this by six billion multiply that by the stars for I am that many and I am one one but only because i am not just this that you see this that you breathe is only a fraction an ephemeral piece of me be still quiet listen to the soundless whsiper of the entirety of this creation breathing in and out and when your heart is pure and free of debris when it is love only the breathing will echo there like thunder and you will know me and you will never need to know anything else ever again

The Traitorous Inclinations of Your Mind

It is of the utmost importance that a person's mind be ruthlessly controlled and constrained to its delegated duty as a servant of the higher nature and the heart. For its deviousness cannot be overestimated, and its collusion with the ego (false self) and the enslaving facets of the world in one planned coup of your being after another is inherent to its traitorous nature. It wants the throne of your being, and in the majority of cases has already attained it. If it is now in charge you must endeavor with all the strength and fortitude you possess to overthrow it; a task which may take many years. But, make no mistake, It is a defunct imposter, and a usurper. Should it be allowed to rule, there will never be peace in your internal state. Its leadership leads to all manner of miseries; its agents are fear, and doubt, and worry. It is faithless, and its unchecked rule will lead to a hell of your own making. It is a computer. Would you let a computer rule your country? Why, then, do you allow it to rule your internal state? The internal state does need its services to function in the world, but the services must be rendered from its proper position as your servant, your advisor, your informant. not as your master. To allow it the throne is to assure unhappiness & disaster. Above any other work in your life, controlling your incredibly powerful, but traitorously inclined mind is the most important. Be Ever in Bliss, JA

Forcing the Issue

Everyone is a force for something, and all the time. The question is not whether you'll be a force for something in your life, but what you will be a force for? When you start making informed decisions as often as you are able for what to be a force for... It won't be long before you will find yourself becoming a great human being. Be Ever in Bliss, JA

An Anti-Poem for Bibliophiles Like You

destroy destroy destroy this line this page that i now write it isn’t poetry if i never break the line or relate to something beautiful or fade in on a new scene or let the words flow smooth as silk as smooth as glycerine upon a new found friend of mine a lover she may be these words are not for her so no they’re nothing you need keep away away away i say be gone destroy this ink this parchment isn’t even real just pixels on a screen and fade and fade and fade from sight the poet and his pen who needs them keys and screens and lights that blend and blend and blend like mushrooms into salads that i never wanted no i don’t want more i don’t need more go get your broom sweep sweep i say sweep sweep away these words like hotel rooms from corners of your memory too many and too soon they left me here and felt so clear back when i found them new i knew i’d never leave them then but now i guess i've left them

A Word on Miracles

I was recently asked about Miracles by someone and they were curious how to make them happen, I'm going to include the response here as a Journal Entry: Miracles have a constant flowing... They are not so rare as is often believed. The way to create them is love. But not just any love, divine love. This pure and divine love is unconditional and has all the creative power of the universe latent in it. It has the literal power to produce miracles. It exists in its pure state only in the complete absence of any form of fear. A consciousness capable of this love can work miracles. And beings in human form have done so. Another way to influence their happening is with pure and unblemished complete faith and confidence in the divine to act. If such faith and confidence exists with no doubt whatsoever, the divine is compelled to act by that faith & confidence. It must be complete, there must be no doubt, but if so it commands the attention and power of the divine. Saints have worked miracles in this way. The closer to these states that can be accomplished, the better. For some, the most achievable state is to demand action w/ a spirit of as much surrender and love as is possible. This can be effective too, particularly when the demand the surrender and the love are strong. Be Ever in Bliss

Photos From Goa, India

Recently got some pictures from the India Tour and the Amphitheatre Show there in Goa: Had a Great Time... Be Ever in Bliss

Much Love to Everyone Hanging Out

As some of you know, but many do not. What I would call a sacred duty to my earthly Mother (who's been ailing tremendously from a serious health complication) has kept me from writing you all and keeping up with journals and letters for several months now, as well as curtailing show schedules, videos and all the other stuff I love to give you all. Despite this, the website traffic has doubled over that time period, the project is starting to grow some legs of its own it seems. Lots of people stopping by, so to all of you, Thank You, and rest assured while my family duties may cause some delay, I will get back soon to giving all of you the good stuff that's planned for the future. Also wanted to mention I appreciate those who have supported my mother in her time of need (as some of you are reading this). Anyway, just thought I'd post a piece done back in March, before the India Tour and Hard Rock Cafe shows over there. The clips in this short piece include footage you've already seen from the welcome video, but I do talk about the new record and some other things: Hanging Out With Jesus Aaron (March 2008) Much Love & Be Ever in Bliss, JA

Press From The India Tour

So, just posting some of the many press articles on the tour for you all. Much Love to all the writers and reporters who covered us: Photobucket GROUP SHOT AT THE OPENING PRESS CONFERENCE Photobucket OUTSIDE THE HARD ROCK IN PUNE Hard Rock Cafe Poster ('08) POSTERS FOR THE 2 HARD ROCK SHOWS Photobucket A WEIRD PREVIEW ARTICLE IN THE MUMBAI MIRROR Photobucket SHOW MENTION (DNA-AFTER HOURS) Photobucket FROM "THE ASIAN AGE" NEWSPAPER Photobucket KALA ACADEMY SHOW REVIEW (THE GOAN OBSERVER) Photobucket REVIEW IN THE HINDUSTAN TIMES

Travelogue 2: The Kala Academy Show (Apologies on the Late Posting)

Sweat pooling on the bottom of my fingers as I change from A to D and then back again before the amphitheatre crowd at Kala Academy in Goa. India is hot all the time, but when you're under the bright lights and performing outdoors the water forming on your hands while your playing becomes palpable, almost distracting. As I finish the song a short but relatively charming fellow they call Elvis screams out "Jesus!" from the front row, as the rest of the spectators applaud. The dry ice floating through the blues and reds and yellows of the lights might as well be steam, it's so hot, and it really feels surreal to be playing this show on the other side of the world from all the others I've played. The fact that it all seems to be working hits me and it's a lot of fun. So I finish what feels like a very solid set, call down a parting blessing on the enthusiastic crowd, and go backstage satisfied. First big show in India and the crowd was great, the stage was well set up, the set felt good, the sound guy handled his job. I'd promised the sweet young lady from the Times of India (one of the bigger newspapers) before the show that she'd enjoy... (I would find out later that she did). It's been weeks of doing promotions and waiting, so it really felt good to play and play well. HOT though, I find a fan in the green room and just get under and spread my arms to dry off. I'd decided that since I was doing the set solo and a lot of the others acts were doing rockish type stuff, rather than doing the same it'd be wiser to just set a whole different vibe, keep it more involved, poetic, and intimate and I decided there that it'd worked out... a magical night in several ways. Can't wait for the Hard Rock Cafe shows in Mumbai and then in Pune in a couple days...

A Long Overdue Travelogue from India

Saris like the colors of sunrise flapping in the wind as women, riding side saddle on the back of their husband’s motorcycle, manage to look quite composed and even bored as they swerve around dogs, cows, rickshaws, pedestrians,bicycles, cars, and buses. I bounce along in my cab on the way to a live radio interview on what I’m told is India’s biggest radio station (or one of them anyway). It’s about a 30 minute ride from the Hotel Santiago in Baga (which is one of the most western areas of all of India, never seen so many pale skins in one place over here, most all of them are from England, a hot spot for British tourists I guess, and understandably so, as it is kind of a paradise type area here). Radio Indigo 91.9 FM in Goa has a nice studio space just a stones throw away from the garden area of the main shopping district of Panaji. I spent about an hour hanging out and chatting on air with Mark Rocha, a talented and super friendly RJ (they don’t call them DJs in India) who works the primetime hours. Just another bit of promotion for the shows in India and particularly for the Goa show coming up on the 29th at Kala Academy, so far we’ve had several articles in the local and even national papers, 40 foot billboards with your face on them, TV interviews, ads running in magazines etc… This tour is mostly promotional, an introduction to the quickly changing Indian Market. I’m told my music video for the song “We Like Pretending” has been accepted by VH1, Channel V, Channel Z, and MTV India (basically all the big music video playing stations. Back at the hotel we’ve been flipping through these channels in case we catch it and just to see what they’re doing with music videos over here. Unlike the states, where it’s all reality shows, the music channels mostly do play music videos (what a novel concept). A pretty interesting thing is there is no kissing allowed on screen in Indian Music Videos or TV or even Movies as I understand (though HBO and others play western movies where there is). Anyway, it’s funny to watch how far they push their music videos and commercials without the kiss. The actors will like lick all the way up the torso of each other and kind of bite each others neck in the most seductive way they can and then go in for the kiss, but the kiss won’t happen; the camera will cut away or the girl will playfully slap the guys mouth away. It’s funny because the stuff they do is way more provocative than kissing, but they don’t kiss and if they do the camera doesn’t tell. Funny how every country has these little peculiarities. Well that’s all for now… I’ll be updating everyone on the big show at Kala Academy, and the two Hard Rock Café Shows in Mumbai and Pune respectively. If you’re around here check out the music video channels and let me know if you see the video. If you’re not… Kiss, Kiss from India. Be Ever in Bliss, -JA

Now Casting YOU! As Everyone's Role Model

Here's a good litmus test for how well you're living up to your ideals: Multiply everything you do by 6 billion. That is, what if the world was following your lead? What kind of world would it be? Everytime you recycle or don't recycle multiply it by 6 billion. Let the water run while brushing you teeth, multiply by 6 billion. Take a second to pick up a piece of trash on the street, or smile at someone multiply by 6 billion. Live as if everyone looked to you and would behave the way you do. Then you'll be living as a representative of your ideal world. Then you'll be living the way you always knew you could. Be Ever in Bliss, Jesus Aaron

The Latest India News/Rumor

Update for all yous regarding the India Tour. Though the tour got pushed back to April... In addition to being supported by MTV India and VH1. I heard through the mill that all the Hard Rock Cafes in India are actually getting on board for this thing. Which makes for a hot looking April coming up. Just keeping you lovely folks updated. More info soon. Be Ever in Bliss, Jesus Aaron

Why New Years May Be Better Than Christmas...

In our economic model here in America, which centers around Christmas time, and indeed would collapse without it, the mad dash for gifts and determining what morsel of entertainment paraphenalia might evoke pleasure in our friends and family has come to rule the Holiday season. While it is sometimes great fun, and for a worthy cause (ie celebrating the birth of Christ). In recent times its become of greater benefit to the bottom line of corporations than to the soul of the individual. The nice thing about the New Year's tradition of resolutions is it is a perfect and particular opportunity to "turn it all around". And the corporations (other than the fitness equipment and champagne sales folks) haven't found a good way to exploit it just yet. While a complete conversion is quite unlikely, those who would make the most of this holiday can actually do more for their fellow man than buying everyone you've ever met exactly what they wanted for Christmas could ever do: Namely, by making the resolution, that in the next year you will employ your focus on ennobling yourself. Commit to overcoming negative qualities within yourself which feed all the worlds problems. Things like Greed (which Christmas as we practice it actually now fosters to some degree), Lust (which Christmas Advertising now fosters), Anger, Laziness, and Cowardice. Take aim on your own mind. Take serious steps towards learning to control your thoughts and emotions. Probably less that one in 10 million people really has complete control of their mind and themselves. It is the rarest and most valuable of accomplishments. It is the mark of the super-human. It creates a being of such grandeur others will marvel at them (and sometimes hate and kill them too, nice right?), but happiness is theirs, and permanently, because it flows from within and requires no particular exterior events. It is in fact your true state, begin your move towards this on New Years. All the goodness in the world is hiding within the very beings that inhabit it; it is buried beneath the negative qualities that are fostered by their sense of fear and inferiority. If I can wish one thing for each of you, it is that you should commit to ennobling yourself and to ovecoming everything petty and small and fear based in your consciousness, and it is the only thing in the world worth doing. And it is in the presentation of this opportunity so explicitly to you, that the modern version of New Years can actually trump the modern version of Christmas in its use. Be Ever in Bliss.

The Heart of GA '07 Wrap Up

So, just a big thanks to everyone who participated in the tour and everybody who came out to support. Also big thanks to the venues (Eddie's Attic, The Melting Point, etc...) The Heart of Georgia Singer/Songwriter Tour for 2007 was great fun for both the musicians and the audience, anyone who missed the shows this year, you better ask somebody.... ;) they'd tell you just how good it was. Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone and watch out for more next year when some of the best singer/songwriters in GA come a rolling through her key cities and townships and playing some of her finest venues. Be Ever in Bliss, -JA

WOA International and Jesus Aaron

Jesus Aaron just signed with an international management company. Woa! you say...? W.O.A. indeed. and with the surname International. That's right W.O.A. International, primarily based out of India, and Jesus Aaron will be doing big things in India starting immediately. A large tour, sponsored by MTV India, and VH1, and others, will send 15 international artists, a tour bus, and thousands of fans flocking to pretty much all the major cities in India. Madness you say, perhaps, but in that good way. It will all ensue in January and February of '08. Jesus will be there.

Vogue Vampire Stylings (A Double Dactyl* for Halloween)

Impyre Vontyler Vampire Hairstyler Cuts in the Dungeon for Dracula's Goons. Hairdos for Terrible Multi-dimensional Blood Thirsty Cannibal Pale Faced Bafoons. *The Double Dactyl is kind of an estranged cousin of the Lymerick, but includes the added cute challenge of the 6th line being a Single 6 syllable Rhyming word in the double dactyl form. A dactyl by the way is a form of tri-meter that goes accented, un, un.

On Embarrassment

Embarrassment, like worry, is a debilitating waste of time and energy.

Jesus Aaron in studio guest 10/11 on KSUB

I will be an in station guest tonight on Elisa Apostle's show from midnight to 2 am PST on KSUB, The Radio Station of Seattle University. I'll be promoting the debut record, the Seattle Show Friday night at Caffe Bella, the value of goats milk in daily diet, mandatory thigh high stockings in bowling alleys (for girls), and the ominpresence of divinity and its coolnesses. You can listen online at:

God Fearing... Absurdity

God helps you much more when you treat him as a beloved friend, and not a ruthless, dictatorial, monarch. Fear of God is a crutch (and a clumsy one) for those sparse in faith, for purposes of helping them to behave and walk the path; in truth, there is nothing about God to be afraid of, even for those called "sinners". However, the Laws of the Universe, such as: As you sew, so shall you reap, can get downright nasty. And it's time's like those when it''s even more important not to be afraid of God, but to call on Him as a friend. Be Ever in Bliss, Jesus Aaron

Is the Music Business Dying?

I've been in contact with some of the key players in the industry and so I happen to be in a position to be in the know about some of the ins and outs. Here's some of what's happening. 500 Record Stores per year are closing... 76,000 people have lost their jobs... The perceived value of music in the minds of consumers has been plummeting... Recording costs continue to rise in big studios... 6 million bands or so on myspace all think they've got something and are flooding the market with what amounts to white noise... I'm also convinced, by the way, that myspace has contributed to the concept that music is less valuable, since every song one could want to hear has become freely available here (btw I may have to start putting up samples instead of full songs just to do my part to counteract this lowering of value in the average person's mind)... Record Companies are getting more and more risk averse as a result of this stuff and only putting out formulaically proven stuff as a result (ie music that sucks)... and Piracy... yeah we all know it's insane. Wal Mart, who accounts for 37% of music sales, yes I know it sounds insane but it's true 37%! has decided music doesn't make enough per sq. inch of their floor space. Many anticipate that in the next couple of years they will scale back their catalog and only carry the top 200 selling cds. This means if you're an Indie or on a Large Indie Lable, even Major Label artists not high enough on the totem pole... forget about it, 37% of the pie is gone. Also cute was both Best Buy and Wal Mart's idea to sell CDs below cost for a while. Effectively & Artifically lowering the value of a record in the consumers mind to under $10. They then tell the distributor they can't buy records for more than $7.25 and because they account for such a large market share the distributor has trouble saying no, which means when the label sells to the distributor they aren't getting much, and you can imagine how much the artist gets... for those of you that don't know... you have to sell about 750,000 records on a major label before you recoup the advance they give you to make and promote a record. Since very few are getting that many sales now... you do the math. Here's more fun stuff: Some of the biggest distributors, who have always budgeted for 20% returns (if a cd doesn't sell the record store can return it and get their money back from the distributor). In the last year these distributors are seeing 50% returns. Let's just say this HURTS these people. Let's just say this HURTS record companies. Let's just say this HURTS the artists who make the music... What's to be done? Now more than ever... SUPPORT the music you love by buying it, buying merchandise from the bands, going to their shows... or it may disappear, and that would really be a monumental shame. Oh, btw, all you people out there pirating music... just so you know, a lot of this is your doing. If you want music to get even worse and more of the people who make it, and make it available to you, to lose their job, keep right on stealing it. Everyone loves music, I don't see how anyone cann say it's over priced at just 99 cents per song. So do your part my friends... If you love someone's music, don't steal it, buy it. Be Ever in Bliss

HUGE Radio Campaign...

So my fair feathered friends, as mentioned to those on the mailing list, with the assistance of a fantastic Radio Promo Firm out of LA (Bryan Farrish's) we're launching a pretty huge radio campaign. 500+ stations covering the whole US map (& including some international stations) for 16 weeks. If the record is well received, we should definitely get some great airplay out of this and some type of chart position on the Roots Report and Folk DJ Charts. Wind up the monkeys and let them have a backflip contest. Be Ever in Bliss, -JA

On Music Piracy...

So, here's what I see happening all the time: A Band puts every ounce of effort, time, inspiration, and money they can muster (maybe they even mortgage their house) into making a recording of music: Someone falls in love with it, goes around saying, Oh they are so amazing, they touch my soul, my life is improved by their very existence... And immediately they turn around and say how can I steal from them, the people that support them (yes, including their record company), their children, and all the people who work on a percentage basis for them. Oh yeah, I can download/listen to their music for free on such and such site and they, and none of those around them will see a dime; nice. Oh and additionally, double bonus, they're an Indie Artist, so by not buying their record, they may not have sufficient funds to even make another record. Anyone else see a problem with this? Would it not have been better to spend $0.99 to download the song legitimately. Wouldn't you rather spend $0.99 than steal from someone you claim to love. Enough said, I really don't see how there is even a debate about piracy. It's no good for anyone. Even the fan doing the stealing loses out in the long run. My advice to people is to support what you love in life, and you'll see more of it. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

"If you don't see God everywhere...

you're not really paying attention." -Jesus Aaron

America and Her Inevitable Birthday Wish...

If America had a birthday wish it would surely be a wish for you (if you're American that is, and really even if you're not). A wish that you be more, that you improve yourself, your quality as a human being, and more specifically your consciousness. For the best thing one can do for her country, or the world, is not to go march in rallies, get a particular politician elected, or even give money to the homeless; the best thing a person can do for her country is to improve her own consciousness. The roots of a country are the individual citizens and it is by the nourishment of their quality as individuals that the broad and sprawling tree and all its branches may be made strong, and its fruit be sweet for everyone in the world. So on this birthday celebration of America, think of what you can do for your country, what you can do to make America greater, and more like what it was always supposed to be; improve your self. Improve your character and America will benefit. If America as a country had a birthday wish, this would surely be it. A wish for you. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

On Life's Requirements

In the living of a great life, one may occasionally be given the duty of being Superman, but more often than not, and far more frequently than one might like, he will be given the duty of being Clark Kent. -Jesus Aaron

A Word on Your Enemy...

Its name is Fear. It is the root of all your problems. Banish it from your psyche. Know that you are invincible; you exist beyond body, beyond mind; nothing in this world can damage you. Never be afraid, never. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

The Aproaching End of Anti-Promotion...

Ok, so what I've been calling this period of anti-promotion is nearing it's natural end. We've been keeping pretty quiet about what I'm doing for quite some time now. But that chapter appears to be drawing to a close. The offical debut will be out soon, and I'll be getting most everything pulled OFF the internet from the demo record. So everything you hear out there now will soon be vanishing. And be replaced with the improved versions of the songs. The first release which is nearly ready will probably have 5 songs on it, from work in 5 different studios, with many cool people. It will be fairly shocking to many of you how much better it sounds than the demo record (that record was recorded years ago). It should be available digitally very soon (maybe by the end of May). And a record release party will most likely be scheduled in Atlanta sometime during the Summer. We've also been cooking up several other surprises which everyone should enjoy. Very Tasty. Just like all of you magnificent folk. Love Ya's. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

If Inspiration Should Strike You...

do what I do and turn the other cheek. ;) Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

On Sowing and Reaping

Dedicate yourself fully to your today, and your tomorrow will take care of itself. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

Recycled Rock

Friday night's the perfect night to do laundry, at least for Jimmy; he gets the Kenmore a-rocking, the drying clothes a-rolling, puts the strap on his stratocaster and makes his living room his stage. Screeches out a version of an old Zeppelin favorite into an invisible microphone, and knows that washer a-thumping is the stamping of forty thousand feet, that dryer a-whirring, the roaring of a crowd gone berserk; their energy constant, stopping only for the briefest moment (when the cycles shift from rinse to spin) Jimmy plays on! for an hour, from Aerosmith to Metallica, 'til the roars of the poeple are on their last legs; he senses it, and forearms burning, fingers cramped, Jimmy poses for them like Morrison as his chords die a fading death, he punches and kicks the air like Elvis in his prime, pulls his guitar from around him and pretends to smash it, then storms off, leaving it lying there on the dingy wool rug (that his mom bought for him). the clothes are done. It's time to fold them.

On the Worthlessness of Worry

Have Faith, do what needs doing, and don't worry. Worry is an insult to God and a waste of your time. It saps your strength, weakens your resolve and if adopted habitually, literally prevents enjoyment of life. it's offspring are a fear filled mind and an early heart attack. Avoid it like the plague. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

My Wish on Christmas...

is simply that everyone might become a bit more like Jesus, the Christ. That the amounts of His energy in each and every being be magnified, if only slightly, that human beings might become a bit more aware of it in themselves and continue to evolve towards the Godliness which is their destiny. To anyone reading this... my personnel Christmas wish to you is that you live a life full of good things and, of course, that you... Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron

On Asking Forgivness of God

Asking God for forgiveness for one's errors is a practice which has long been taught and thought to be essential, in fact, it is quite unnecessary. This is not to say it shouldn't be done; it can be done, and the petitioner may derive benefit therefrom, but it is not a necessity as many would have you believe. God is love itself; whatever you may do, He loves you. Whatever atrocities you may have committed, He loves you. Unconditionally. You cannot truly offend Him. However hard you may try. Quite a guy isn't He? But wouldn't this throw morality out the window, some might ask? Afterall, if I can't offend God, if he will always love me, can't I just behave any way I want? The answer, of course, is of couse. It's not going to be peaches and roses, but of course you can behave any way you want. The results are going to suck, for the universal fact that as you sow, so shall you reap will come back to smack you in the face so hard you find youself flat on your back. But sure, go ahead. You'll be doing plenty of apologizing if you take that road. But it won't need be to God. It will need to be to yourself for effectively sabotaging your only true desire: A Love to overflowing and True happiness which comes only via unobstucted connection with God. All errors, all sins (as they are called) do not, as some would have you believe, make God stop loving you. He is always loving you. Like the Sun ever beaming forth Love for all His children. Indulging in incorrect thoughts, words, and actions however erect all sorts of barriers and walls and obstructions between you and God's Love. Obstructions within you that prevent you from receiving that which is always available. In this way, the reason the petitioner may receive benefit in asking God's forgiveness is that God may at such request remove some of the obstacles you have erected between yourself and Him. So in this sense asking forgiveness, is really just asking for removal of the blockages you've created in yourself. This is also, by the way, the reason we find many atheists and agnostics in the world today. Those who have so blocked up their connection (over the mistakes of many lives), they have trouble feeling God's love even when they try. Many people indeed believe that God does not love them, because they can't feel it. This is absurd, of course, God loves them, and always has, and always will. The simple mistake is thinking God has turned away from them, when in fact they have erected all these walls and barriers to prevent themselves from receiving Him. He is quite unconcerned by this, as a parent watching a child pout in the corner, they will get over it. No sheep are lost from the Father's flock, don't believe they can be, such is a lie. They can wander astray, but God will always love all of his children, none shall be lost eternally. God is love itself, a love greater than anything imaginable, such a love let's any stray if they wish, but over time is an irresistable magnet, a gravity so many times greater than that of earth, infinite even. All will be pulled back to oneness. They need only forgive themselves for this to happen, and sin no more (which as I've mentioned is most easily accomplished by surrenderring all thoughts, words, and deeds to God, and one may see other entries on this topic). Over time God's love will casually destroy all barriers that have been placed between you and Her love. And His light will shine on you like you can't believe, and like you've never experienced. The happy news is that it is your destiny to do so, yes even you rolling your eyes right now, but if you are rolling your eyes right now, it may be a while. ;) Be Ever in Bliss, Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Then Remember

God's transcendence is a transcendence of synthesis not a transcendence of seperation. True relationship with God embraces the former, institutionalized relationship with God obsesses on the latter. That is to say God is in all things, is all things, and is thus transcendent of the individual parts. Recognize this and be always in His company. Be with Her always, Be always in Him and of Him. Realize that what you are, He is. This will lead you toward recognition of oneness. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

What Are You Doing? Or Why Doing is Overrated

While it may seem that doing something gets something done. In the grand scheme of things It is not really the case. In the big picture, doing (in the sense that we mean it) is only an afterthought, a natural result. It is a play. it achieves nothing other than allowing "being" to manifest itself. Thusly, to those who would be truly great, I say, Be great; don't do great and hope that by so doing others will look at your deads and say how great you are, and then maybe you can believe it to be true. The doing of great deads doesn't make you great. It only allows that you be perceived as great (by others primarily). And if all you are after is other's perception of your greatness, I don't know what to tell you, except enjoy the rollercoaster, for in that concept you are totally lost in Disneyland. You are playing pin the tail on an imaginary donkey which isn't going to take you anywhere (except round and round in circles, of course that can be euphoric and fun too). But lets get back to the point. Doing is doing. Being is being. Things are done so that one can eat (for example). Or so that one can have sex 3 times a week. Or such that one can have the air in one's house conditioned to a certain temperature (btw the value of such things must come to be questioned if one is ever to transcend, which doesn't mean they have to be abandoned, only truly understood as not necessary). I find America is obsessed with doing, and most Americans (and people in general for that matter) have been fed the false claims that doing leads to being. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Everyone is so concerned aren't they. Doing is presented as all important in our competitive goal oriented society. It is presented as a moral good as well. Oh he does this, he works two jobs, he does this, isn't he wonderful.. That is, the line is presented, if you want to be this, do this, to become it. This statement is subtly yet soundly false. In the grand scheme, doing is only a means to provide experience (experience of self that is). In the sense that it provides opportunity for an experience of self it has value. But it is only an exercise, an enactment in the illusory world, apparently bearing various types of fruit. As far as really getting anything done, that is as far as making any meaningful progress in development. One will find it occurs when one is not "doing" anything; it comes through realizations in moments of "inactivity". Moments in which one is quiet, moments in which one reflects upon experience of his own or of others. Moments of meditation (which interestingly enough is being presented as "doing something" to better fit into the obsessive paradigm that doing something every minute of the day is what one should strive for). But Meditation is not doing something; what most people call meditation is really only a series of steps designed to get one to a place of not doing anything. Indeed it is very valuable in that, it is designed to help one in getting to a place of quiet where one is finally not doing anything (ie planning, scheming, fantasizing, brooding). The greatest experience in life can be achieved via this method of getting to a place of not doing... of getting to a place of pure being. This place is what many call Samadhi. Enlightenment. The Ocean of Eternal Bliss. The Self. Indeed, doing, when properly motivated is an expression of this self and allows for very limited experience of this. But the thing itself, is quite removed from doing. The things itself is your self. Your true self. Doing is a poor substitute for what is self. Very small portions of it will consistantly be revealed through doing, such that over tremendous periods of time (many, many, many lifetimes as it turns out) it may be experienced. But the goal must be to contact it directly, to understand one's self as that. To understand all things as that... that being. That BEING. The Supreme Being. That my friends, is what you really are. A being. Not a doing. Realization of the self as this beingness is the purpose of life. Tons and tons of doing may give you occaisional and fleeting glimpses of it. One tiny moment of truly not doing will plunge you into the ocean of it. To achieve such a moment is the goal. Now the question is ;) what are you going to do about it?

Records upon Records (aka Setting the Record Straight)

For those who don't know, before we really get to promoting this debut of "mine", I've decided to go back in the studio and revamp everything. So the record that is out there right now is really likely to end up being more of a demo album, the amount of retouching on it I'm planning in the studio implies that it will end up as such; although, come to think of it maybe it'll make it a collector's item one day, who knows. Plus it has the Transcendent Logo (Trademark) with Soular Records under it. Why? Basically the name of the company was changed to Transcendent Records, enough said. So, the accountant says buy a few more copies of the record as an investment. They may end up being like those baseball cards with the letters printed upside down. Worth way more than the real ones. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Beyond Discovery...

There is the sense that you knew it all along. That it was always yours just waiting to be claimed. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Why Judgment is so Foolish

One of God's favorite games is playing possum. -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Alluding to Sand Castles, Our Illusion, This Life

Building a life is as building a magnificent sand castle, the component events are, as grains of sand, small and insignificant seeming; yet, together, a possible beautiful sculpture. So, as one proceeds through life it ought be rememberd it is not the event, but how one treats it, what one does with it that determines the shape of the sculpture in the end. Enjoy the art of the building, enjoy the completion of the parts, but always remember that in the end, the tide is coming and however beautiful these sculptures may be, they will, at some point, be swallowed by the sea. Be prepared to walk away detached and contented, at its beautiful impermanence. But most of all be grateful, simply for having had a chance to play in the sand. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

All Anyone Ever Need Know About Me

My life is a river of love for God. -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

On Omnipresence

True omnipresence is an omnipresence on all scales: both the smallest and the largest of scales. It must be, then, that whoever truly accepts the divine as omnipresent, must accept that every atom and every energy particule, in the universe, including those wihtin you and me, your best friend and your worst enemy are suffused with the divine presence. Knowing this, how can you be cruel to anyone? How can you judge anyone? To do so is folly, and only seperates you from the divine, and the happiness you claim to seek. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Dawning of Truth

showering grace, that eastern most place of first light. behind that star He hides, She hides behind that night time satellite. behind those eyes so familiar in mirrors remembered from mirrors forgotten too, He speaks, She speaks for hearts that hear to minds that listen quiet, by way of echoes running through like rivers, that slow to a stroll before finding their way to lingering pools of amrith,* within the deepest part of youth. if ever you find your way to this place you will find you finally see... That which has been and ever shall be I’m That so He, so She. *amrith: the divine nectar, the sweetness of God

Slow Circling Our Current Psychic State

Come, let us circumambulate every thought that is not us, so we can see from every angle how they no longer bind us, how they no longer blind us to the truth, the miracle: Our breathing in and out in time with His it is His breathing we are now doing in Her painting which seems so much more lifelike in four dimensions. What time is it? What space is it? When we have any say so about it the answer is always, “Love’s”, and Love is beyond all conception, I’d hope beyond every conceived dimension, because if love exist like that, then we who now love like this, may well exist like that even though we don’t yet know it

To Those Who Struggle for a Better World

Have no doubt, it can and will be accomplished, this new world which we all know is possible. Continue to walk the path, and if you aren't really walking yet, start. As you do, keep in mind that all those institutions, corporations, and governments which appear to you to be preventing the movement from occuring are composed not of robots, but of people. All people can be reached, and given proper messengers, over time they wil be. I assure you that in this time of crises, where mankind is teetering on the brink of self-destruction, that which is divine is providing the messengers. You cannot miss them if you pay attention. While many seem to be playing many different roles, the underlying job of these messengers is simple, to reduce fear and promote love within the consciousness of humankind. For, the consciousness of humanity must be remade, before it will be capable of remaking its industries, social, political and economic structures. Remember this my friends, in your quest for a better world. And understand that evil and injustice are always rooted in a fear based thinking. Resultantly, it is only by the reduction of fear itself in the consciousness of humankind that the world can be saved, and its citizens be saved from themselves. If I say do not hate anyone, even those people or entities who oppress you or violate your rights, it is not because this is a turn the other cheek, noble attitude of detachment, which indicates you have a transcendent consciousness. It is because the elimination of hate (a fear based emotion) in your own consciousness is the most functional way to bring about the change that you seek. Many people ask how it can all be turned around? And if it is really possible at all? Remember this, fear spreads like a virus. It is the single solitary disease which creates ALL problems in the world. It is the reason the world finds itself in the state it is in. Many site greed as the main problem in the world; greed is a major problem, and what is its basis? Fear. Fear of scarcity, fear of loss, fear of being less than. All that is called evil is traceable to fear. All attack is a cry for help, and as this terrible disease of fear has spread we have seen more and more attacks by those afflicted with it. But this disease is not omnipotent, in fact it is very weak when one applies the vaccine. The vaccine, of course, is fear's opposite, L-O-V-E. May sound mushy and wishy washy, but it is a fact. Love is the all powerful vaccine for this epidemic, indeed it is the only cure. Fear breeds on itself, if you allow fear and fear based motivation to dominate your consciousness you are feeding the fear in the consciousness of the very people who oppress you, which only encourages them to continue to do so, not to mention the fact you are passing this diseased attitude on to your loved ones all around you. Liberty is only achieved when fear has been overcome; to be free is to be fearless. To be free is to be full of love. Apply this knowledge first and foremost to yourself. By the way, Love is not something that must be chosen as some well intentioned people claim. Love is your very nature, it is the truth of who you are, if you were at this very moment able to stop all your fear based thoughts, words, and actions, Love would quickly and easily overwhelm your senses, and you would literally be in a state of bliss all the time, feeding upon the endless spring of love which is your truth. Many people throughout the course of human history have experienced this state over lengthy periods of time. It is bliss filled beyond description and the ultimate goal of human life. The way to it? The elimination of the disease of fear in your consciousness by means of the vaccine of love. Believe me, any other goal you can imagine or construct pales starkly in comparison to the experience of this. And, freeing your consciousness from fear does more for the world then spending a lifetime going to rallies and attending meetings of noble and well intentioned political movement groups (but don't stop going because I say this; in the end, many people doing this promotes the goal of eliminating fear from the collective consciousness and for many aids them in their own quest for such freedom). As has been mentioned before, the fastest way to accomplish this is by surrender to the divine. To the universal and benevolent force to which you are and always have been connected. (see: "The first among secrets: the way to enlightenment"). It is by this means that the world will be saved. And it will be, so long as individuals like you actually apply this wisdom. Be Ever in Bliss -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

Food for Thought for the Self-Righteous

Until one has eliminated hate and judgment from his own consciousness, what right has he to complain about the hateful and judgmental attitudes of others, or the mess these attitudes leave the world in. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

The Ever Dangling Carrot

and so came the moon and went the sun somewhere in the waxing and waning of all the oceans ebbing then growing towards those backwards countries and their opposite shores at the smallest tick-tockings we ever managed the concocting of, and that’s where we find It: in waiting, playing the ever dangling carrot cake is often for birthdays frosted, like everything come moments of winter when every miracle finds someone surprised and smiling, smiling for formerly forsaken dreams revived the dreamer never dies The Dreamer never dies still, lives are wasted every day expensive funerals fifty years in the making in the spending a blink of their, of our eternity lost in wishing then pretending the famous never dies The Famous never dies yet, one day when sleep takes hold we’ll wake as babies in a womb and never know we’d just forgotten how our tombstone was even more common and unimportant than we’d ever feared but somehow we won’t sob no, we won’t care, nor sing the blues for the dead man never dies the dead man never dies but many have been said to.

A Reminder

The impulse not to grab what is rightfully yours is all that keeps you from having it. Be Ever in Bliss -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

In Regards to God

Don't judge God by those who claim to represent Him. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

A Message To Those of Religious Background

The most important of things in life, my friends, is to determine what each thing you hear or experience means to you personally. I speak unequivocally when I say that in truth the meaning of anything and everything is layered. That is to say it will often apply differently for different people, and even differently for you as you progress in awareness. The reason is that not all layers are visible to a person at his present state of development. While this truth is readily apparent, over time, as one lives in this world, it is not always applied when those in positions of power decide how things are to be interpretted and taught within a religion or sect. I assure you that misinterpretations and incomplete interpretations of the words and actions of the spiritual masters who have preceeded us is perhaps the single biggest reasons for the deteriorating state of the political and man-made organizations we call religions in the world. It is for this reason, when one hears the words of the master (whomever the master may be [whether Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or any enlightened master]) it is of the utmost importance naturally to think about and feel what the statement means to you (and this must be done with as much honesty and courage as one can muster on many occaisions, as its meaning may not always be appealing to your ego). Do not simply accept some other person's interpretation of it. To do so is to assume that they have perfectly understood it and know every possible meaning of this saying for every possible person, at every possible stage of development, and that they have been able to take all such knowledge and distill it into one interpretation of what it means and how it applies to all people at all times. This unenviable role is often the one that a religion takes up. While they do it with good intentions, inevitably, in this impossible task, they fail, and then because they feel responsible for being people's guides they then fail to see and/or admit that they have failed. What becomes even more problematic is when a whole set of rituals and required actions, ways of living and frameworks for thinking, are set up within religions organization based upon what will almost always be an incomplete analysis of the master's teaching. This brings me to another point my friends. You do not have to agree with the religion which claims to represent your master on everything; indeed you should not. The divine plan for you is far too complex for them to cover in their blanketed, one size fits all, interpretations. Being a good Christian or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever is not achieved by following the rules of man made institutions who claim that their rules are those of God, it is in being constantly aware of improving yourself and your consciousness and in wholeheartedly following the teachings of your master as you deeply and honestly feel they should be followed. President Kennedy, during the Cuban Missle Crisis is reported to have said , "There is something immoral about abandoning your own judgment." This is doubly true in matters of spiritual growth as no two souls walk the exact same path. Your relationship with the divine may at this time seem to be facilitated by a particular religion, and that is okay, but I promise that in truth it is not by any man-made institution that you will attain salvation. It is by your ever increasing relationship with your Father in your own heart. A religion may give you general guidelines, but they are not perfect shepherds. You are the one who must decide what is true for you and how you must live. God is the only true guide and God is inside you. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

About Toys

In the pursuit of happiness, he who dies needing the fewest toys* wins. -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

A Word on Power as a Goal

With regard to power, the goal my friends is not apparant power over the course of events in one's life, but transcendent power regardless of the events in one's life. And power is not demonstrated by the moving of things in the world, but the inability of the things of the world to move you. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

The First Among Secrets: The Way to Enlightenment

The first thing I will share is this: Whoever surrenders completely to the divine is as one with it. This is perhaps the most valuable of things to know. This one piece of information, when put into practice, can literally result in the development of the consciousness to a place of enlightenment. It is perhaps the most important thing one can ever learn and so it must be elaborated upon. To begin it should be understood that this sort of surrender cannot be partial, nor half-hearted; it must be consuming. One's body and ALL its actions, one's lips and ALL its words, one's mind and ALL it's thoughts, must be given completely and as often as possible, but at least once a day, to the divine. All must be considered to be thought, spoken, or done to God, for God, from God, and in God. This is the way to the freedom and bliss of permanent transcendence; this is the way to enlightenment. But even further one must surrender all posessions, relationships, ideas, traits and habits and emotions and feelings and even one's personality itself to the divine. Everything one can imagine and everything one cannot. Everything must go in the sale. While it may seem simple, this is truly the way to the divine; is it at all surprising that everything must be returned to the rightful owner before the universal books can ever be balanced and freedom of the prisoner be acquired. It is the knowledge that everything is, was, and ever will be God's. That nothing is, was or ever will be yours (the false you that is, the personalitys that is). In this one understands that everything, from the air we breathe to the thoughts we think, to the car we drive, to the spouse with which we share our bed is on loan from the divine and may be reclaimed at any time. The understanding and meditating on this is how detachment is most easily achieved; this is how the encumbering baggage which slows the journey home can be released without worry at the proper times; by this means alone, it is possible to become enlightened. It's continual practice will bring significant and observable results in every case. No one who engages in this process sincerely and continually will fail to get results in the raising of his or her consciousness. As was mentioned before it is perhaps the most important piece of information you will ever get. Make use or waste of it as you will. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

The Launch

This is to be the first entry into the website. The Launch of will commence with this message posting to site. Those who would be wise, let them listen; I can promise they will benefit. I am here as your servant. Though you may call yourself one of my fans or my admirers or my friends or my enemies, still will I make offerings to you, open doors for you, hand out raincoats and make passageways over the puddles of this existence. As to whether you accept any of the offerings, walk through any of the doors, or utilize any of the raincoats or passageways, I leave to you; I am quite unconcerned with it. My duty is to offer them, not to make you accept them. Truth is Truth whether it is believed as such or not. Many will know my words by the truth that rings in them, some will not get it this time around, and may even be opposed to it. It is the natural state of things, one cannot hear what he is not ready to hear, nor understand what he does not wish to understand. Those who wish to ignore may do so, those who wish to speak against me may do so... I love them all. I am here on behalf of the same divine principle which has made them, and which they will eventually merge with. In the end everything merges into one. In the end the words I speak will be swept away by the sands of time. Until then, they will be heard. I have been given many gifts in this life, some of which I can barely comprehend, I intend to give them all away, I intend to give them all to you. Take what you will from them and put them to use. Be you friend or foe, I wish you well. I love you all. Be Ever in Bliss -Jesus Aaron Saraswati

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