Lion of Light

A Long Overdue Travelogue from India

Saris like the colors of sunrise flapping in the wind as women, riding side saddle on the back of their husband’s motorcycle, manage to look quite composed and even bored as they swerve around dogs, cows, rickshaws, pedestrians,bicycles, cars, and buses. I bounce along in my cab on the way to a live radio interview on what I’m told is India’s biggest radio station (or one of them anyway). It’s about a 30 minute ride from the Hotel Santiago in Baga (which is one of the most western areas of all of India, never seen so many pale skins in one place over here, most all of them are from England, a hot spot for British tourists I guess, and understandably so, as it is kind of a paradise type area here). Radio Indigo 91.9 FM in Goa has a nice studio space just a stones throw away from the garden area of the main shopping district of Panaji. I spent about an hour hanging out and chatting on air with Mark Rocha, a talented and super friendly RJ (they don’t call them DJs in India) who works the primetime hours. Just another bit of promotion for the shows in India and particularly for the Goa show coming up on the 29th at Kala Academy, so far we’ve had several articles in the local and even national papers, 40 foot billboards with your face on them, TV interviews, ads running in magazines etc… This tour is mostly promotional, an introduction to the quickly changing Indian Market. I’m told my music video for the song “We Like Pretending” has been accepted by VH1, Channel V, Channel Z, and MTV India (basically all the big music video playing stations. Back at the hotel we’ve been flipping through these channels in case we catch it and just to see what they’re doing with music videos over here. Unlike the states, where it’s all reality shows, the music channels mostly do play music videos (what a novel concept). A pretty interesting thing is there is no kissing allowed on screen in Indian Music Videos or TV or even Movies as I understand (though HBO and others play western movies where there is). Anyway, it’s funny to watch how far they push their music videos and commercials without the kiss. The actors will like lick all the way up the torso of each other and kind of bite each others neck in the most seductive way they can and then go in for the kiss, but the kiss won’t happen; the camera will cut away or the girl will playfully slap the guys mouth away. It’s funny because the stuff they do is way more provocative than kissing, but they don’t kiss and if they do the camera doesn’t tell. Funny how every country has these little peculiarities. Well that’s all for now… I’ll be updating everyone on the big show at Kala Academy, and the two Hard Rock Café Shows in Mumbai and Pune respectively. If you’re around here check out the music video channels and let me know if you see the video. If you’re not… Kiss, Kiss from India. Be Ever in Bliss, -JA
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