Lion of Light

A Message To Those of Religious Background

The most important of things in life, my friends, is to determine what each thing you hear or experience means to you personally. I speak unequivocally when I say that in truth the meaning of anything and everything is layered. That is to say it will often apply differently for different people, and even differently for you as you progress in awareness. The reason is that not all layers are visible to a person at his present state of development. While this truth is readily apparent, over time, as one lives in this world, it is not always applied when those in positions of power decide how things are to be interpretted and taught within a religion or sect. I assure you that misinterpretations and incomplete interpretations of the words and actions of the spiritual masters who have preceeded us is perhaps the single biggest reasons for the deteriorating state of the political and man-made organizations we call religions in the world. It is for this reason, when one hears the words of the master (whomever the master may be [whether Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or any enlightened master]) it is of the utmost importance naturally to think about and feel what the statement means to you (and this must be done with as much honesty and courage as one can muster on many occaisions, as its meaning may not always be appealing to your ego). Do not simply accept some other person's interpretation of it. To do so is to assume that they have perfectly understood it and know every possible meaning of this saying for every possible person, at every possible stage of development, and that they have been able to take all such knowledge and distill it into one interpretation of what it means and how it applies to all people at all times. This unenviable role is often the one that a religion takes up. While they do it with good intentions, inevitably, in this impossible task, they fail, and then because they feel responsible for being people's guides they then fail to see and/or admit that they have failed. What becomes even more problematic is when a whole set of rituals and required actions, ways of living and frameworks for thinking, are set up within religions organization based upon what will almost always be an incomplete analysis of the master's teaching. This brings me to another point my friends. You do not have to agree with the religion which claims to represent your master on everything; indeed you should not. The divine plan for you is far too complex for them to cover in their blanketed, one size fits all, interpretations. Being a good Christian or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever is not achieved by following the rules of man made institutions who claim that their rules are those of God, it is in being constantly aware of improving yourself and your consciousness and in wholeheartedly following the teachings of your master as you deeply and honestly feel they should be followed. President Kennedy, during the Cuban Missle Crisis is reported to have said , "There is something immoral about abandoning your own judgment." This is doubly true in matters of spiritual growth as no two souls walk the exact same path. Your relationship with the divine may at this time seem to be facilitated by a particular religion, and that is okay, but I promise that in truth it is not by any man-made institution that you will attain salvation. It is by your ever increasing relationship with your Father in your own heart. A religion may give you general guidelines, but they are not perfect shepherds. You are the one who must decide what is true for you and how you must live. God is the only true guide and God is inside you. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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