Lion of Light

A Word on Miracles

I was recently asked about Miracles by someone and they were curious how to make them happen, I'm going to include the response here as a Journal Entry: Miracles have a constant flowing... They are not so rare as is often believed. The way to create them is love. But not just any love, divine love. This pure and divine love is unconditional and has all the creative power of the universe latent in it. It has the literal power to produce miracles. It exists in its pure state only in the complete absence of any form of fear. A consciousness capable of this love can work miracles. And beings in human form have done so. Another way to influence their happening is with pure and unblemished complete faith and confidence in the divine to act. If such faith and confidence exists with no doubt whatsoever, the divine is compelled to act by that faith & confidence. It must be complete, there must be no doubt, but if so it commands the attention and power of the divine. Saints have worked miracles in this way. The closer to these states that can be accomplished, the better. For some, the most achievable state is to demand action w/ a spirit of as much surrender and love as is possible. This can be effective too, particularly when the demand the surrender and the love are strong. Be Ever in Bliss
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