Lion of Light

Alluding to Sand Castles, Our Illusion, This Life

Building a life is as building a magnificent sand castle, the component events are, as grains of sand, small and insignificant seeming; yet, together, a possible beautiful sculpture. So, as one proceeds through life it ought be rememberd it is not the event, but how one treats it, what one does with it that determines the shape of the sculpture in the end. Enjoy the art of the building, enjoy the completion of the parts, but always remember that in the end, the tide is coming and however beautiful these sculptures may be, they will, at some point, be swallowed by the sea. Be prepared to walk away detached and contented, at its beautiful impermanence. But most of all be grateful, simply for having had a chance to play in the sand. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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