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America and Her Inevitable Birthday Wish...

If America had a birthday wish it would surely be a wish for you (if you're American that is, and really even if you're not). A wish that you be more, that you improve yourself, your quality as a human being, and more specifically your consciousness. For the best thing one can do for her country, or the world, is not to go march in rallies, get a particular politician elected, or even give money to the homeless; the best thing a person can do for her country is to improve her own consciousness. The roots of a country are the individual citizens and it is by the nourishment of their quality as individuals that the broad and sprawling tree and all its branches may be made strong, and its fruit be sweet for everyone in the world. So on this birthday celebration of America, think of what you can do for your country, what you can do to make America greater, and more like what it was always supposed to be; improve your self. Improve your character and America will benefit. If America as a country had a birthday wish, this would surely be it. A wish for you. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron
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