Lion of Light

An Anti-Poem for Bibliophiles Like You

destroy destroy destroy this line this page that i now write it isn’t poetry if i never break the line or relate to something beautiful or fade in on a new scene or let the words flow smooth as silk as smooth as glycerine upon a new found friend of mine a lover she may be these words are not for her so no they’re nothing you need keep away away away i say be gone destroy this ink this parchment isn’t even real just pixels on a screen and fade and fade and fade from sight the poet and his pen who needs them keys and screens and lights that blend and blend and blend like mushrooms into salads that i never wanted no i don’t want more i don’t need more go get your broom sweep sweep i say sweep sweep away these words like hotel rooms from corners of your memory too many and too soon they left me here and felt so clear back when i found them new i knew i’d never leave them then but now i guess i've left them
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