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Much Love to Everyone Hanging Out

As some of you know, but many do not. What I would call a sacred duty to my earthly Mother (who's been ailing tremendously from a serious health complication) has kept me from writing you all and keeping up with journals and letters for several months now, as well as curtailing show schedules, videos and all the other stuff I love to give you all. Despite this, the website traffic has doubled over that time period, the project is starting to grow some legs of its own it seems. Lots of people stopping by, so to all of you, Thank You, and rest assured while my family duties may cause some delay, I will get back soon to giving all of you the good stuff that's planned for the future. Also wanted to mention I appreciate those who have supported my mother in her time of need (as some of you are reading this). Anyway, just thought I'd post a piece done back in March, before the India Tour and Hard Rock Cafe shows over there. The clips in this short piece include footage you've already seen from the welcome video, but I do talk about the new record and some other things: Hanging Out With Jesus Aaron (March 2008) Much Love & Be Ever in Bliss, JA
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