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On Asking Forgivness of God

Asking God for forgiveness for one's errors is a practice which has long been taught and thought to be essential, in fact, it is quite unnecessary. This is not to say it shouldn't be done; it can be done, and the petitioner may derive benefit therefrom, but it is not a necessity as many would have you believe. God is love itself; whatever you may do, He loves you. Whatever atrocities you may have committed, He loves you. Unconditionally. You cannot truly offend Him. However hard you may try. Quite a guy isn't He? But wouldn't this throw morality out the window, some might ask? Afterall, if I can't offend God, if he will always love me, can't I just behave any way I want? The answer, of course, is of couse. It's not going to be peaches and roses, but of course you can behave any way you want. The results are going to suck, for the universal fact that as you sow, so shall you reap will come back to smack you in the face so hard you find youself flat on your back. But sure, go ahead. You'll be doing plenty of apologizing if you take that road. But it won't need be to God. It will need to be to yourself for effectively sabotaging your only true desire: A Love to overflowing and True happiness which comes only via unobstucted connection with God. All errors, all sins (as they are called) do not, as some would have you believe, make God stop loving you. He is always loving you. Like the Sun ever beaming forth Love for all His children. Indulging in incorrect thoughts, words, and actions however erect all sorts of barriers and walls and obstructions between you and God's Love. Obstructions within you that prevent you from receiving that which is always available. In this way, the reason the petitioner may receive benefit in asking God's forgiveness is that God may at such request remove some of the obstacles you have erected between yourself and Him. So in this sense asking forgiveness, is really just asking for removal of the blockages you've created in yourself. This is also, by the way, the reason we find many atheists and agnostics in the world today. Those who have so blocked up their connection (over the mistakes of many lives), they have trouble feeling God's love even when they try. Many people indeed believe that God does not love them, because they can't feel it. This is absurd, of course, God loves them, and always has, and always will. The simple mistake is thinking God has turned away from them, when in fact they have erected all these walls and barriers to prevent themselves from receiving Him. He is quite unconcerned by this, as a parent watching a child pout in the corner, they will get over it. No sheep are lost from the Father's flock, don't believe they can be, such is a lie. They can wander astray, but God will always love all of his children, none shall be lost eternally. God is love itself, a love greater than anything imaginable, such a love let's any stray if they wish, but over time is an irresistable magnet, a gravity so many times greater than that of earth, infinite even. All will be pulled back to oneness. They need only forgive themselves for this to happen, and sin no more (which as I've mentioned is most easily accomplished by surrenderring all thoughts, words, and deeds to God, and one may see other entries on this topic). Over time God's love will casually destroy all barriers that have been placed between you and Her love. And His light will shine on you like you can't believe, and like you've never experienced. The happy news is that it is your destiny to do so, yes even you rolling your eyes right now, but if you are rolling your eyes right now, it may be a while. ;) Be Ever in Bliss, Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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