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On Music Piracy...

So, here's what I see happening all the time: A Band puts every ounce of effort, time, inspiration, and money they can muster (maybe they even mortgage their house) into making a recording of music: Someone falls in love with it, goes around saying, Oh they are so amazing, they touch my soul, my life is improved by their very existence... And immediately they turn around and say how can I steal from them, the people that support them (yes, including their record company), their children, and all the people who work on a percentage basis for them. Oh yeah, I can download/listen to their music for free on such and such site and they, and none of those around them will see a dime; nice. Oh and additionally, double bonus, they're an Indie Artist, so by not buying their record, they may not have sufficient funds to even make another record. Anyone else see a problem with this? Would it not have been better to spend $0.99 to download the song legitimately. Wouldn't you rather spend $0.99 than steal from someone you claim to love. Enough said, I really don't see how there is even a debate about piracy. It's no good for anyone. Even the fan doing the stealing loses out in the long run. My advice to people is to support what you love in life, and you'll see more of it. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron
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