Lion of Light

On Pleasure

Pleasure and Pain stand hand in hand-cuffed hand.

Seek pleasure only to the degree that you are willing to experience pain.

Seeking Pleasure Guarantees Pain (in this life or the next).

Also in vice versa - Putting pain first (ie hard work, studying hard, or feeling the burn at the gym) will also bring pleasure (ie more money, better grades, or looking hot) - this is called a sense of accomplishment - it's a better way to go, it's more noble and less ensnaring but if the pleasure is the thing being sought it is also definitively ensnaring and will eventually lead to more pain.

Know that absent the seeking of worldly pleasure... is the REAL YOU - and the experience of that is the experience of a permanent state of peace and bliss.

Good luck in not seeking pleasure... for though the rewards are beyond imagining - the practice of it is (to put it mildly) a bit challenging. And with that we return to our regularly scheduled reality. Pleasure is waiting for you - and so is pain - hand in hand-cuffed hand.


With Love


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