Lion of Light

Records upon Records (aka Setting the Record Straight)

For those who don't know, before we really get to promoting this debut of "mine", I've decided to go back in the studio and revamp everything. So the record that is out there right now is really likely to end up being more of a demo album, the amount of retouching on it I'm planning in the studio implies that it will end up as such; although, come to think of it maybe it'll make it a collector's item one day, who knows. Plus it has the Transcendent Logo (Trademark) with Soular Records under it. Why? Basically the name of the company was changed to Transcendent Records, enough said. So, the accountant says buy a few more copies of the record as an investment. They may end up being like those baseball cards with the letters printed upside down. Worth way more than the real ones. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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