Lion of Light

The Aproaching End of Anti-Promotion...

Ok, so what I've been calling this period of anti-promotion is nearing it's natural end. We've been keeping pretty quiet about what I'm doing for quite some time now. But that chapter appears to be drawing to a close. The offical debut will be out soon, and I'll be getting most everything pulled OFF the internet from the demo record. So everything you hear out there now will soon be vanishing. And be replaced with the improved versions of the songs. The first release which is nearly ready will probably have 5 songs on it, from work in 5 different studios, with many cool people. It will be fairly shocking to many of you how much better it sounds than the demo record (that record was recorded years ago). It should be available digitally very soon (maybe by the end of May). And a record release party will most likely be scheduled in Atlanta sometime during the Summer. We've also been cooking up several other surprises which everyone should enjoy. Very Tasty. Just like all of you magnificent folk. Love Ya's. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron
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