Lion of Light

The First Among Secrets: The Way to Enlightenment

The first thing I will share is this: Whoever surrenders completely to the divine is as one with it. This is perhaps the most valuable of things to know. This one piece of information, when put into practice, can literally result in the development of the consciousness to a place of enlightenment. It is perhaps the most important thing one can ever learn and so it must be elaborated upon. To begin it should be understood that this sort of surrender cannot be partial, nor half-hearted; it must be consuming. One's body and ALL its actions, one's lips and ALL its words, one's mind and ALL it's thoughts, must be given completely and as often as possible, but at least once a day, to the divine. All must be considered to be thought, spoken, or done to God, for God, from God, and in God. This is the way to the freedom and bliss of permanent transcendence; this is the way to enlightenment. But even further one must surrender all posessions, relationships, ideas, traits and habits and emotions and feelings and even one's personality itself to the divine. Everything one can imagine and everything one cannot. Everything must go in the sale. While it may seem simple, this is truly the way to the divine; is it at all surprising that everything must be returned to the rightful owner before the universal books can ever be balanced and freedom of the prisoner be acquired. It is the knowledge that everything is, was, and ever will be God's. That nothing is, was or ever will be yours (the false you that is, the personalitys that is). In this one understands that everything, from the air we breathe to the thoughts we think, to the car we drive, to the spouse with which we share our bed is on loan from the divine and may be reclaimed at any time. The understanding and meditating on this is how detachment is most easily achieved; this is how the encumbering baggage which slows the journey home can be released without worry at the proper times; by this means alone, it is possible to become enlightened. It's continual practice will bring significant and observable results in every case. No one who engages in this process sincerely and continually will fail to get results in the raising of his or her consciousness. As was mentioned before it is perhaps the most important piece of information you will ever get. Make use or waste of it as you will. Be Ever in Bliss, -Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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