Lion of Light

The Traitorous Inclinations of Your Mind

It is of the utmost importance that a person's mind be ruthlessly controlled and constrained to its delegated duty as a servant of the higher nature and the heart. For its deviousness cannot be overestimated, and its collusion with the ego (false self) and the enslaving facets of the world in one planned coup of your being after another is inherent to its traitorous nature. It wants the throne of your being, and in the majority of cases has already attained it. If it is now in charge you must endeavor with all the strength and fortitude you possess to overthrow it; a task which may take many years. But, make no mistake, It is a defunct imposter, and a usurper. Should it be allowed to rule, there will never be peace in your internal state. Its leadership leads to all manner of miseries; its agents are fear, and doubt, and worry. It is faithless, and its unchecked rule will lead to a hell of your own making. It is a computer. Would you let a computer rule your country? Why, then, do you allow it to rule your internal state? The internal state does need its services to function in the world, but the services must be rendered from its proper position as your servant, your advisor, your informant. not as your master. To allow it the throne is to assure unhappiness & disaster. Above any other work in your life, controlling your incredibly powerful, but traitorously inclined mind is the most important. Be Ever in Bliss, JA
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