Lion of Light

To Those Who Struggle for a Better World

Have no doubt, it can and will be accomplished, this new world which we all know is possible. Continue to walk the path, and if you aren't really walking yet, start. As you do, keep in mind that all those institutions, corporations, and governments which appear to you to be preventing the movement from occuring are composed not of robots, but of people. All people can be reached, and given proper messengers, over time they wil be. I assure you that in this time of crises, where mankind is teetering on the brink of self-destruction, that which is divine is providing the messengers. You cannot miss them if you pay attention. While many seem to be playing many different roles, the underlying job of these messengers is simple, to reduce fear and promote love within the consciousness of humankind. For, the consciousness of humanity must be remade, before it will be capable of remaking its industries, social, political and economic structures. Remember this my friends, in your quest for a better world. And understand that evil and injustice are always rooted in a fear based thinking. Resultantly, it is only by the reduction of fear itself in the consciousness of humankind that the world can be saved, and its citizens be saved from themselves. If I say do not hate anyone, even those people or entities who oppress you or violate your rights, it is not because this is a turn the other cheek, noble attitude of detachment, which indicates you have a transcendent consciousness. It is because the elimination of hate (a fear based emotion) in your own consciousness is the most functional way to bring about the change that you seek. Many people ask how it can all be turned around? And if it is really possible at all? Remember this, fear spreads like a virus. It is the single solitary disease which creates ALL problems in the world. It is the reason the world finds itself in the state it is in. Many site greed as the main problem in the world; greed is a major problem, and what is its basis? Fear. Fear of scarcity, fear of loss, fear of being less than. All that is called evil is traceable to fear. All attack is a cry for help, and as this terrible disease of fear has spread we have seen more and more attacks by those afflicted with it. But this disease is not omnipotent, in fact it is very weak when one applies the vaccine. The vaccine, of course, is fear's opposite, L-O-V-E. May sound mushy and wishy washy, but it is a fact. Love is the all powerful vaccine for this epidemic, indeed it is the only cure. Fear breeds on itself, if you allow fear and fear based motivation to dominate your consciousness you are feeding the fear in the consciousness of the very people who oppress you, which only encourages them to continue to do so, not to mention the fact you are passing this diseased attitude on to your loved ones all around you. Liberty is only achieved when fear has been overcome; to be free is to be fearless. To be free is to be full of love. Apply this knowledge first and foremost to yourself. By the way, Love is not something that must be chosen as some well intentioned people claim. Love is your very nature, it is the truth of who you are, if you were at this very moment able to stop all your fear based thoughts, words, and actions, Love would quickly and easily overwhelm your senses, and you would literally be in a state of bliss all the time, feeding upon the endless spring of love which is your truth. Many people throughout the course of human history have experienced this state over lengthy periods of time. It is bliss filled beyond description and the ultimate goal of human life. The way to it? The elimination of the disease of fear in your consciousness by means of the vaccine of love. Believe me, any other goal you can imagine or construct pales starkly in comparison to the experience of this. And, freeing your consciousness from fear does more for the world then spending a lifetime going to rallies and attending meetings of noble and well intentioned political movement groups (but don't stop going because I say this; in the end, many people doing this promotes the goal of eliminating fear from the collective consciousness and for many aids them in their own quest for such freedom). As has been mentioned before, the fastest way to accomplish this is by surrender to the divine. To the universal and benevolent force to which you are and always have been connected. (see: "The first among secrets: the way to enlightenment"). It is by this means that the world will be saved. And it will be, so long as individuals like you actually apply this wisdom. Be Ever in Bliss -Jesus Aaron Saraswati
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