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Travelogue 2: The Kala Academy Show (Apologies on the Late Posting)

Sweat pooling on the bottom of my fingers as I change from A to D and then back again before the amphitheatre crowd at Kala Academy in Goa. India is hot all the time, but when you're under the bright lights and performing outdoors the water forming on your hands while your playing becomes palpable, almost distracting. As I finish the song a short but relatively charming fellow they call Elvis screams out "Jesus!" from the front row, as the rest of the spectators applaud. The dry ice floating through the blues and reds and yellows of the lights might as well be steam, it's so hot, and it really feels surreal to be playing this show on the other side of the world from all the others I've played. The fact that it all seems to be working hits me and it's a lot of fun. So I finish what feels like a very solid set, call down a parting blessing on the enthusiastic crowd, and go backstage satisfied. First big show in India and the crowd was great, the stage was well set up, the set felt good, the sound guy handled his job. I'd promised the sweet young lady from the Times of India (one of the bigger newspapers) before the show that she'd enjoy... (I would find out later that she did). It's been weeks of doing promotions and waiting, so it really felt good to play and play well. HOT though, I find a fan in the green room and just get under and spread my arms to dry off. I'd decided that since I was doing the set solo and a lot of the others acts were doing rockish type stuff, rather than doing the same it'd be wiser to just set a whole different vibe, keep it more involved, poetic, and intimate and I decided there that it'd worked out... a magical night in several ways. Can't wait for the Hard Rock Cafe shows in Mumbai and then in Pune in a couple days...
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