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What Are You Doing? Or Why Doing is Overrated

While it may seem that doing something gets something done. In the grand scheme of things It is not really the case. In the big picture, doing (in the sense that we mean it) is only an afterthought, a natural result. It is a play. it achieves nothing other than allowing "being" to manifest itself. Thusly, to those who would be truly great, I say, Be great; don't do great and hope that by so doing others will look at your deads and say how great you are, and then maybe you can believe it to be true. The doing of great deads doesn't make you great. It only allows that you be perceived as great (by others primarily). And if all you are after is other's perception of your greatness, I don't know what to tell you, except enjoy the rollercoaster, for in that concept you are totally lost in Disneyland. You are playing pin the tail on an imaginary donkey which isn't going to take you anywhere (except round and round in circles, of course that can be euphoric and fun too). But lets get back to the point. Doing is doing. Being is being. Things are done so that one can eat (for example). Or so that one can have sex 3 times a week. Or such that one can have the air in one's house conditioned to a certain temperature (btw the value of such things must come to be questioned if one is ever to transcend, which doesn't mean they have to be abandoned, only truly understood as not necessary). I find America is obsessed with doing, and most Americans (and people in general for that matter) have been fed the false claims that doing leads to being. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Everyone is so concerned aren't they. Doing is presented as all important in our competitive goal oriented society. It is presented as a moral good as well. Oh he does this, he works two jobs, he does this, isn't he wonderful.. That is, the line is presented, if you want to be this, do this, to become it. This statement is subtly yet soundly false. In the grand scheme, doing is only a means to provide experience (experience of self that is). In the sense that it provides opportunity for an experience of self it has value. But it is only an exercise, an enactment in the illusory world, apparently bearing various types of fruit. As far as really getting anything done, that is as far as making any meaningful progress in development. One will find it occurs when one is not "doing" anything; it comes through realizations in moments of "inactivity". Moments in which one is quiet, moments in which one reflects upon experience of his own or of others. Moments of meditation (which interestingly enough is being presented as "doing something" to better fit into the obsessive paradigm that doing something every minute of the day is what one should strive for). But Meditation is not doing something; what most people call meditation is really only a series of steps designed to get one to a place of not doing anything. Indeed it is very valuable in that, it is designed to help one in getting to a place of quiet where one is finally not doing anything (ie planning, scheming, fantasizing, brooding). The greatest experience in life can be achieved via this method of getting to a place of not doing... of getting to a place of pure being. This place is what many call Samadhi. Enlightenment. The Ocean of Eternal Bliss. The Self. Indeed, doing, when properly motivated is an expression of this self and allows for very limited experience of this. But the thing itself, is quite removed from doing. The things itself is your self. Your true self. Doing is a poor substitute for what is self. Very small portions of it will consistantly be revealed through doing, such that over tremendous periods of time (many, many, many lifetimes as it turns out) it may be experienced. But the goal must be to contact it directly, to understand one's self as that. To understand all things as that... that being. That BEING. The Supreme Being. That my friends, is what you really are. A being. Not a doing. Realization of the self as this beingness is the purpose of life. Tons and tons of doing may give you occaisional and fleeting glimpses of it. One tiny moment of truly not doing will plunge you into the ocean of it. To achieve such a moment is the goal. Now the question is ;) what are you going to do about it?
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