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Why New Years May Be Better Than Christmas...

In our economic model here in America, which centers around Christmas time, and indeed would collapse without it, the mad dash for gifts and determining what morsel of entertainment paraphenalia might evoke pleasure in our friends and family has come to rule the Holiday season. While it is sometimes great fun, and for a worthy cause (ie celebrating the birth of Christ). In recent times its become of greater benefit to the bottom line of corporations than to the soul of the individual. The nice thing about the New Year's tradition of resolutions is it is a perfect and particular opportunity to "turn it all around". And the corporations (other than the fitness equipment and champagne sales folks) haven't found a good way to exploit it just yet. While a complete conversion is quite unlikely, those who would make the most of this holiday can actually do more for their fellow man than buying everyone you've ever met exactly what they wanted for Christmas could ever do: Namely, by making the resolution, that in the next year you will employ your focus on ennobling yourself. Commit to overcoming negative qualities within yourself which feed all the worlds problems. Things like Greed (which Christmas as we practice it actually now fosters to some degree), Lust (which Christmas Advertising now fosters), Anger, Laziness, and Cowardice. Take aim on your own mind. Take serious steps towards learning to control your thoughts and emotions. Probably less that one in 10 million people really has complete control of their mind and themselves. It is the rarest and most valuable of accomplishments. It is the mark of the super-human. It creates a being of such grandeur others will marvel at them (and sometimes hate and kill them too, nice right?), but happiness is theirs, and permanently, because it flows from within and requires no particular exterior events. It is in fact your true state, begin your move towards this on New Years. All the goodness in the world is hiding within the very beings that inhabit it; it is buried beneath the negative qualities that are fostered by their sense of fear and inferiority. If I can wish one thing for each of you, it is that you should commit to ennobling yourself and to ovecoming everything petty and small and fear based in your consciousness, and it is the only thing in the world worth doing. And it is in the presentation of this opportunity so explicitly to you, that the modern version of New Years can actually trump the modern version of Christmas in its use. Be Ever in Bliss.
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