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I came accross your blog recently and have been reading it along. The article is very useful, very interesting, hope to share more articles like this.Thank you for your sharing!
Reaching out with open arms and an open heart. I hope to hear from you. Endless Love - Teddy
I purchased Lion of Light at Underground Atlanta during the St. Patrick's Day festivities. I met Jesus and chatted briefly about how I respect musicians and their passion for sharing their music. He was about to close his booth when I bought the CD. He was such a kind person. I adore the CD and listen to it a great deal. I'm reading up on Aaron's life and "mission" now. Awesome!
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Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
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Love what you have done so far- looking forward to seeing so much more from you!
Hello, nice site, ya rewil ostavit otziv:))) Kak vi peregivaete krizis?
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Fortune favours the brave (the bold). Neither fish nor flesh.
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
I hope to see you if you are ever in Portland. How lucky I am for this new discovery.
Hi, i'm schoooler I’m new to the forum and just saying hello.
What do you with esteem to there new US politics
Hello. Your Site is good. Its good life.
good site. Continue also
hi, thanks for ur visiting card u gave me at the Cozynook (cybercafe), Panaji. ur site looks good including u too.
The good convenient site is made.
Not much on my mind. Basically not much exciting going on today. Eh.I am not only encouraged by that.
really love your voice,your music
Thank you for your site
Be Encouraged. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and God's righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Be Encouraged, Encourager Linda Flagg, LM, CS
Hay your music is great! I'm going to put you on Thanks for the Cd Deano
I wan't to just say thanks for being my friend and keep doing what you love.
hey man i like the site and i like that america wake up song 2
Forget what is behind and se wonderful forward with Christ and find rest in him and good health and power,help too the lost that find Jesus,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
hey i havent talked to you in forever!! i really want to hear from you!i dont know if you remember me. but you know my famil my sister Teddy and Taylor and my mom Dianne!! we all miss you and love you!! hope to hear from you soon!! Love Temi
Please let me know if we can help - I enjoyed the moment of peace on your site: Best
Friendship and support sent to you from Oregon! I read a quote today, thought I'd share it with you.. It said, "Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said, Bob, why are you resisting me? I said, I'm not resisting you! He said, You gonna follow me? I said, I've never thought about that before! He said, When you're not following me, you're resisting me" Bob Dylan. Jesus Aaron, your music and lyrics are powerful, as well as your thoughts and poetry. May your light continue to shine each day!
i really dig your music man and your poems
Hi Jesus Aaron, Just in case we didn't already contact you... What are you currently doing to get airplay and charting for your most current release? That's what we do... artists hire us to get them airplay and charting on stations in the U.S. and Canada. I can send you some details in email if you like... just let me know if this is a good email address and I'll get them to you. Also... would love to get your physical CD or EP too, when it gets here, let's talk! Musically Yours, Ken DuBois Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions 1828 Broadway, 2nd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404 rm
Best regards from your friend Rich.
Very nice site! - keep us posted with your band's activities
Hi Aaron, Your site is beautful, as are you. We all love you and wish you the best. Love, light, peace and joy!
Hey I had to check out your site finally. Looks good. I hope all is well, sure do miss you. Take care and please keep in touch.
Jumping in bliss down here, too (Hiya Mimms!). Such are the blessings. Jai Guru.
Aaron! You're my hero! You have the coolest website and music ever! I listen to it all the time- my favorite is couture du jour. Remember me when you're at the grammys- you can thank me if you want. Love ya babes!
oh my god honeychild!you on the internet!ohmy god -we are just jumpin around for joy down here in hotlanta! The website looks very nice and i am going to be so proud to be the first kid on my block to sign your guestbook! woo!
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