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His singer/songwriting has been compared to Dylan. “Couture de Jour”, with its esoteric sampling, reminds me of Danny Barnes. And, like Danny Barnes, he is firmly planted in his Southern roots, with his own version of “Man of Constant Sorrow”. “We Like Pretending” has the lilt of 1960’s British and Irish songwriters, very Donovan. Jesus Aaron (it’s hard for me to just type out his nickname!) has that magnetism that should lure in young (and older) music purchasers for years to come. He’s also bound to be a force in the business itself: he just organized and is featured in the Heart of Georgia Singer/Songwriter Tour, representing a range of Georgia’s styles.

Malia Britton at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

“Kin of Nietzsche” Jesus Aaron A delectable blend of rock and folk, Jesus Aaron’s, “Kin of Nietzsche” is simply addictive. Aaron’s distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics will leave you hooked and longing for more. Having been compared to the legendary Bob Dylan, Aaron is rapidly becoming a force within the music industry and one that is sure to stay. Irrefutably charismatic and deeply passionate, Jesus Aaron embodies all that a musician should be and I look forward to future projects from this amazing talent.

The CD opens with the title track and establishes a guitar progression that includes dissonance in chordal movement supporting Aaron's poetry-ful vocals. It's impossible to not hear a huge Dylan influence - both politically, religiously, and style. "you know that hit me as hard as Aunt Betsy's frying pan so I asked him if he could repeat it, he said no so I said well then you know, I gotta go'. Track 2, "Couture du Jour" spins the AM dial in the intro to this harmonica/guitar upbeat track. The production has modern taste as the vocals flange through the audible field in a candy-mixed pleasure. Aaron has a lyrical style and presentation that includes flavors of Petty - but with a good 200% word count. Aaron is not as interested in making his words rhyme with any sing-songy pop focus, instead, he is writing to communicate as honestly as possible. If that means he's rattling off words through the verses, he's comfortable and effective with it. Track 3, "We Like Pretending", is the sweetest and most gentle on the record. Aaron sings against solo guitar, 'i guess that's just the cost of love, still you beat my drums and fill my eyes with your cat like hands and super cloudy skies and you move and you play just like i do'. Jesus moves country 2-step in track 4, "America Wake Up". Harmonica paints over the band as Aaron sings about the greed of America. "Well they call it the land of the free and the home of the brave, but so far it seems or it seems to me it's a country full of slaves, America wake up'. Track 5, "Man of Constant Sorrow', begins with bare upper register acoustic guitar. Jesus comes in with relaxed vocal interpretation of the traditional Dick Burnett tune that gained even more popularity on the Oh Brother. .film. Aaron, again, reminds us of the thoughtful and sincere delivery of Bob Dylan. And to that fact, Aaron picks up where we've lost the voice that used to raise the idealistic questions that the older inspirer has matured or lost sight of. Aaron is not cynical in his delivery - instead he remains hopeful - grounded in his faith that God is in all of us and his ultimate goal of spreading love intelligently about things that matter.

Joshua Grace, Tennessee

I can't believe it. Ok yes, I can and I do, dude! you are what I've been waiting for, like it says on the profile, you are similar to Bob Dylan, and i think you may be to me what he was for musicians in his time, not that his time is over, but you probably get what I mean, dont stop what you do, not that I expect you will, but I'm definatly gonna be watching and listening to you alot. you are a great.

Matt Russell, -Song Check Live

You sound Great!

Jay from BC Canada

wow, what an amazing talent. love your trax, big time. huge instant fan here. -jay

Beyond Race Magazine

... {Jesus} Aaron is a singer/songwriter who writes folk songs like “Couture du jour,” which criticizes the abundance of talent-less pop stars. On “We Like Pretending,” Aaron crafts a pretty love song that features only a sweetly plucked guitar and his voice. He brings out the harmonica on “America Wake Up” and chastises the good ol’ US of A for its greed. The inclusion of a female voice compliments him perfectly. These songs give evidence of a talented musician that doesn’t need to ride the Bob Dylan bandwagon.

Jon Shyer, -Sonicbids

I love your sound.

Lucas Xavier Kolasa, Providence RI

I listened to your music like 10 times in a row.. every tune was good. and that tune that is like 10 minutes long [Kin of Nietzsche].. that is classic material,and --wake up america-- finally someone had the guts to say it. you will be very successful. you are doing the right thing.

Marco, RADAR 89.3 FM, New South Wales, Australia

Hey Jesus...great music...probably the best i've heard since Dylan himself...well done...

Tony Blank, California

Jesus...Saves with his music. Thanks, YOU ROCK...Respect and Love Always. -Tony

Chrys Senon, Atlanta, GA

Jesus Rocks!
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