Lion of Light

America Wake Up

Jesus Aaron
Jesus Aaron


Well from sea to shining sea This country is plagued by greed And clearly we know not of God For money is the root of all America (x4) Wake Up Well they call it the land of the free And the home of the brave But so far it seems, well it seems to me It's just a country full of slaves (chorus) You see about 200 nations share this earth But one of them takes more than its fair share of her And all the others well they fight for scraps And we sit and wonder why some are mad at (chorus) You see true happiness is something you find within But this is a lesson we've too long neglected And as a result its competition rules our lives And all our love ends up buried by our lies in (chorus) Because we still have a chance to lead the way To a world of brotherhood and peace And I am steady dreaming of the day When they'll be reason to again believe in (chorus)
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