Lion of Light

As the Stars Fall

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Lion of Light
Jesus Aaron


AS THE STARS FALL Show me - how Know me - now Please me - some Release me - from... Needing - that feeling Mad dreaming - You feed me Your Godspeed - And Meaning And words sing me Sing to me... Sing to me 'Cause when I listen to hard well I never hear that though you seem far well you're always near As what's bad today is good come tomorrow And you're the only thing that I know So tell me why would I ever wanna be a star have my story told both near and far cause every night i watch as the stars fall they all get shot down just like animals animals - just like animals... So I think I'll just sit here awhile by myself pretend I'm not me, pretend I'm something else They say once you're a star you'll be above it all but in the end all the stars fall all the stars fall (x3)
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