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Couture du Jour

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Jesus Aaron
Jesus Aaron


Hey Miss Hot Thing, why does your song suck? It's shock me, shock me, you'll make the big buck And your radio it only plays crap You wanna be big, learn how to suck @$$ Cause time has all of its cameras on you And fate is taking its divine cue There's poetry in whatever you do And you're an angel, but this is nothing, nothing new So kiss me quick and take me under Cause love is fun but lust is funner I guess I'm sorry, I guess I love you It's either that or I wanna $#<& you (chorus) And you say, the money changers they're not so damn bad Just give your soul up, you'll make some fast cash And all the cool girls will act just like you And try so hard to spread their legs as wide as you do (chorus)
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