Lion of Light

(demo) Blonde in Black

Jesus Aaron


Hey how are you Kitty cat you raise such a ruckus, perhaps just cause you're such a Lady it's true A lot of people in prison, cause of women just like you Hey when you came through You came dressed all in black yeah, you came in full attack and They never new that anyone could walk like that, that anyone could dance the way you do, say yeah you do Hey how do you do Little girl you're still makin' a fuss huh; that's okay you're still such a Lady it's true A lot of people behind bars, your southern charm rings too cool, a southern belle like you, you say That you ain't no kinda woman until a man gets incarcerated because of ya, until a man has at least fought, had something broken, been stabbed or shot to be with ya, until then girl, you just ain't no kinda woman. So say, am I a fool Cause I think I'm fallin in lust with the thought of just one soft kiss Crazy it's true, cause they say there's poison on those lips but I still wanna taste of it, yeah I still wanna taste of it, I still wanna taste of it too, I wanna taste of you So Hey how are you, how are you Lady A lot of people in prison cause of women [repeats] like you
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