Lion of Light

Like a Child

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Lion of Light
Jesus Aaron


You look like a child while sitting, thinking Dancing spinning through sighs Of unicorn kisses that linger so sweetly in January’s first light You were there - then I met you Uncertain but falling for everything that you smiled And I saw you were drunken on flowers that beckoned my Shaking hands to your side Remember that nightengale song we imagined had Just past noon in our sky And I took you there hungry And fed you the wonders that only grow in due time Like air we were floating on clouds how they whispered of All the snows we would see And I loved all the breathing you did underneath me as Aching swept us to sea You were with me just moments Six months then the wanders Slowly crept to your feet And you know it’ll kill me but still you’re there packing you Gypsy colored suitcase Don’t leave me Don’t go love This mornings not good for breaking vows that we made You need me to fill you I need you to feel me How can you say you can’t stay Stay And you look like a child while sitting, thinking… (x3) As the cab pulls away.
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