Lion of Light

We Like Pretending

Jesus Aaron
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Well this pale page is staring back at me, and asking for some company, but I swear she'd do the same for anyone, yeah, anyone I know. And love your neck needs to be stroked again, my sweaty palms after hours left a residue on your maple wood; I guess that's just the cost of love. I guess that's just the cost of love. Still you beat my drums and fill my eyes with your cat-like hands and supergirl disguise, yeah you move and play just like I do; when they think it's me, it's really you, when they think it's me it's really... And still night needs me to be alone to appreciate all it has not shown my eyes will not be happy again, well at least not 'til mornin', at least not 'til the mornin'. So bless me father, for I have sinned; somehow I forgot just who I is, and they say I'm not all of what they want, but they want things they should not, yeah they want things they should not. But what hurts the most is simply that for every bird there's a thousand knats, who just wanna fly the way he does, so they hate and steal in the name of love; yeah, they hate and kill in the name of love. How can you hate, in the name of Love? I don't know, I don't know. Badaladadadedada.... And they kiss their babes, but only when the cry and they puff their maya, tell their lies, and then sit back and wonder why, they'll never understand, no they'll never understand it but I feel alright like I'd hoped before; see one day love came, knocked down all my doors, or at least that's the only thing I like pretending, you like pretending, we like pretending. oh we like pretending.
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